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Interceptive protection methodology effective against any and all viruses

There exists hundreds of millions of computer viruses and the number is increasing by the second. Conventional security software attempts to develop a way to deal with each virus separately. It is blindingly obvious that such a conventional approach is not feasible, and actually fails to block more than half of such viruses. In order to deal with the ever-increasing number of computer viruses, Humming Heads has developed software that utilizes an interceptive protection method called SHINOBI.


100% defense through whitelisting

Next-generation defense program against cyber attacks utilizing “Whitelist Technology” Defense.

An ideal security program is the one that provides a 100% defense against any cyber attacks. The “whitelisting” method, by allowing only authorized programs to have access, and the ISO15408 certified technology achieve that level of security. All programs must use an API. SHINOBI can monitor what programs attempt to do by watching the API. Humming Heads holds an API monitoring technology patent and is the only company that is able to provide an effective whitelisting approach to IT security.


H4E function

H4E function provides an hair-splitting analysis of any program behavior

SHINOBI is equipped with “H4E (Humming Heads 4 Elements)” which is a function that enables the user to accurately determine whether it is an authorized program or a virus. The vast amount of information contained in a program, such as IP address, parentage data and hash values, is taken into account. Based on the results of an evaluation/verification of such information, the program is judged as to whether or not it may harm the user's computer. The program is approved only if it is assessed to do no harm.


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